Alba Advisers, LLC
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Alba Advisors, LLC is committed to the belief that there is a place in the market for a highly-focused consulting firm which can provide its clients a distinct range of services in a thoughtful, professional and personal way. Our focus is risk, and we provide:
  • Strategic consulting and training for companies in the insurance industry,
  • Forensic accounting and fraud investigation, due diligence, and financial analysis for companies in all industries, and
  • Enterprise risk management consulting for companies in select industry groups.
In this environment, trust and credibility are paramount. And efficiency comes from working with a group of people who have sat where you sit and understand all the complex dimensions of your requirements. A track record of C-suite success, a solid foundation in academia, plus a real passion for what they do uniquely positions the partners at Alba to provide consulting advice that is clear, direct, and thus valuable.
Our goal is the fulfillment of client needs by whoever is best qualified to accomplish the task at hand. If that proves to be us, we are delighted; if not, we will help you make the connection with whoever is best.
Our product is a relationship, not simply a transaction or process delivery.